Advantages of Buying a Pit Bike Over Traditional Japanese Bike

Pit bikes became popular 5-6 years ago and flooded the market. They are still popular today because they provide several advantages over buying a traditional Japanese bike. These factors will always allow Pit bikes to remain a strong force in the low end market.

These advantages are:

1. Price

2. Entry level into motocross for the beginner

3. Spare parts are real cheap

4. Most Parts are generic

With the average 125 Pit bike costing $600-$800 for a good quality model which can take up to 80kg weight, pretty much any teenager can afford this. The equivalent in a Japanese bike would be a 90cc which has no where as much power and the parts cost an arm and a leg.

This is a great opportunity for Newbie motocross enthusiasts who want to try the sport of motocross.  They can ride in the import class with a total investment under $2,000 to get started. This would include, Bike, Helmet, pants, jersey, Boots, gloves, goggles etc. You no longer need to spend $5-7K to get started. In fact the total price to get started in pit bike racing is still less than the cost of a Japanese bike alone.

Spare parts are cheap as chips. Because of the market and economy the way it is right now you can actually buy a 2nd Pit bike off eBay and strip it completely for parts at a faction of the cost it would cost for a Japanese Bike. Obviously Japanese Bikes are higher quality but Dollar vs. value Pit bikes will always come ahead.

95% of Pit bikes are made in China. The Chinese, in all there wisdom copy the same technology from each other instead of customizing the parts like the Japanese which means 99% of Pit bikes either bought from different sellers or different brand names will fit generically. I.E Plastic fairings, Fuel tank, rims, Tyre’s, forks, frame etc.

So if you are considering buying a China Pit bike it basically comes down to this. You are buying a cheaper quality bike compared to Japanese but for the price and application you are using the bike for, the investment is worth it.

Check out the leading brands in the market like Motovert, Puzey, Terra Moto. I suggest spend that little extra and get the better quality models which will still be 1/4 of the price of the Japanese bike. You can buy 4 Pit bikes for 1 Japanese Bike. You can’t lose.

Source by Nigel Schulze

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