A New Owner For This Pristine 1975 Honda CB750

You can tell when a man loves his motorcycle, and this here is a well-kept example of a Honda CB750 K5 that has yet to see a dent or a scratch on its saddle even with 4,400 miles on the clock. 

We’ve covered another CB750 in the past, but that model was the special 10th-anniversary edition with dual overhead cams. This, however, is a more standard model with only one camshaft timing the valves of its inline-four. 

1975 Honda CB750 K5
1975 Honda CB750 K5

The bike is titled to the seller’s late father who acquired the motorcycle in 2006. Since then, only 100 miles were ridden by the man, and it shows. The listing didn’t account for any restoration work, but it seems that the seller’s father knew what he was doing. The bike is in almost perfect condition even if it hails from 1975, and it’s also recently undergone a service last year in 2021 which included an oil change, carburetor clean, and brake service. 

1975 Honda CB750 K5

Though what a bike it is. When it was new, the engine could scream to a whopping 67 horsepower, which can match some middleweight motorcycles today. Though the power isn’t all that impressive, you won’t necessarily get this bike for the outright performance that it brings to the table, instead, it’s a lovely collector’s item and showpiece. Everything is near-perfectly preserved. Even the headers are immaculately polished and devoid of any indication that it’s been through the wringer. Even its Metallic Blue paint job with gold accents doesn’t seem to show a single scratch, at least in the photos provided by the seller. 

1975 Honda CB750 K5
1975 Honda CB750 K5

What’s most impressive is that even if it has some miles on it, the bike is currently going for $18,000 USD. Any less perfect, and the bike would likely be in the four-digit range. To put things into perspective, the Honda CB750K I covered last week sold for $24,000 USD, and there’s still a chance that this standard CB750 can go a wee bit higher should you decide to put down a bid. On that note, you have until Thursday, January 6, 2022, in order to do so.

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