A 1920 Harley-Davidson Model J

Harley-Davidson has had a long and storied history filled with tales and legends of riders on their hogs on the highway. This bike is one of the first greats in the lineup, and one of the first prefaces to Harley as we know them today. 

The Model J was historic for Harley-Davidson. Made in 1920, the pre-World War 2 era motorcycle was simply built different. It’s not like what we’re used to on today’s roads, with the Pan America breaking new ground for the brand in the adventure segment, and the classic cruisers still a part of the lineup. 

1920 Harley-Davidson Model J
1920 Harley-Davidson Model J

Nearly 80 years after it first rolled off the production line, the unit got fully refurbished in May of 2020. The Model J received a repaint in green along with a rebuild for its 989cc F-head V-twin engine which is mated to a three-speed manual transmission. 

As for its footwork, you get a springer fork, which is a sign of the times, and a hardtail for the rear. The only solace that your behind will receive is the sprung seat. Both 19-inch aluminum wheels are wrapped in Coker Classic Cycle Diamond Tread tires. 

1920 Harley-Davidson Model J
1920 Harley-Davidson Model J

Brakes are actuated by foot controls that connect to the rear brake only, so no front disc or drum. Things were totally different back then, folks. Aficionados know, however, that this is really what bikes were back in the day. There is no shortage of vintage technology on this, after all, this is what our fathers and our father’s fathers rode way back when. 

1920 Harley-Davidson Model J

There was no speedometer either, so no odometer. According to the owner, the bike hasn’t been ridden since its refurbishment was completed, but the actual chassis mileage is unknown. 

1920 Harley-Davidson Model J

This is how the bike started out prior to its restoration in March 2020!

Hop on over to Bring a Trailer’s website for this bike. Place a bid on it, though you need to know that you are paying for a vintage piece of history that has been competently restored. Hence, the $25,000 USD price tag seems reasonable. Where else are you going to get an over 80-year old motorcycle in such immaculate condition? 

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