39 drones in the Spanish skies will monitor the roads f…

Aimed mostly at detecting reckless driving on Spain’s busiest roads this summer, drones will take flight to keep an eye on traffic in an attempt to keep vulnerable road users (noted as motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians) safe from those using phones while driving, driving without due care & attention, and not wearing seatbelts – among other offences. 

Operating at a height of 120 metres with a range of between 1-2 km, each drone equipped with a high-def camera can be in the air for up to 40 minutes before returning to the pilot & camera operator team to either swap batteries or going elsewhere. This 2 man squad is joined by a member of the Civil Guard in the event the driver receives the penalty on the spot.

This year 39 drones will take to the skies, 20 more than in 2020, in a scheme that has been running since 2018. In this time the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) has accumulated over 500 flight hours, monitored over 55,000 vehicles and detected more than 600 infractions. 

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