2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic EV

2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic EV.

2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic EV. (Polaris/)


Up to 80 miles of range, excellent power and torque


Charging from zero takes five hours on a standard outlet, 45-mile range in Premium trim, frustrating mesh doors


The much-anticipated 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic electric side-by-side is finally here, and it brings plenty to the table. With 110 hp and 140 pound-feet of instantly available torque, it boasts impressive cargo and towing capacities, and an available 29.8 kWh battery offers up to 80 miles of range. For most users, we think this will be the Ranger to have.

Charging the all-electric Ranger XP Kinetic.

Charging the all-electric Ranger XP Kinetic. (Polaris/)


This vehicle marks a turning point for side-by-sides. While there have been electric UTVs for years, none offered the kind of capability, charging expediency, and power of the all-new 2023 Ranger XP Kinetic. And since it’s built on the current Ranger XP platform, Polaris says 95 percent of current Ranger options will bolt right to the Kinetic.

Updates for 2023

This is an all-new model for 2023, though it’s based on the stalwart Ranger XP platform. The old internal combustion twin-cylinder engine is gone, replaced with an electric powertrain.

Pricing and Which One to Buy

The 2023 Ranger XP Kinetic EV comes in two trims:

Ranger XP Kinetic EV Premium: $24,999

Ranger XP Kinetic EV Ultimate: $29,999

The  main difference between the two trims is the battery pack. Premium models come with a 14.9 kWh lithium-ion battery good for 45 miles of range, while Ultimate trim nets buyers a 29.8 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. Ultimate trim boasts up to 80 miles of range. For most buyers working around the farm, the smaller battery pack will be the one to buy so long as you’re diligent about plugging the vehicle in at the end of each day. Those with larger properties or buyers interested in busting the Ranger XP Kinetic for hunting may want to look toward the Ultimate with its more robust range.

Powertrain: Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Ranger XP Kinetic makes 110 hp and 140 pound-feet of torque from a single internal permanent magnet AC motor sourced from Zero Motorcycles and a Gates synchronous belt transmission. The setup replaces the Ranger XP 1000′s internal combustion engine, which means the XP Kinetic can skip much of a traditional side-by-side’s maintenance. There are no oil changes, no filter changes, and no spark plugs to worry about. Polaris estimates annual maintenance costs will be around 70 percent lower on the Kinetic.

That said, buyers will have other performance metrics to worry with, starting with range. Kinetic XP Premium models offer 45 miles of range, while Ultimate trim will deliver up to 80 miles. Both units ship with a Level 1/Level 2 EV charge cord that can top off the batteries from either a standard 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt receptacle. Using the latter will take around five hours to charge the XP Kinetic from zero percent with the standard 3 kWh charge rate. Generally, a 120V connection will take twice that long.

Still, if that’s not fast enough, there are other options. The Ranger XP Kinetic is available with an accessory onboard charging system that can boost the charge rate to 6 kWh for Premium models and 9 kWh for Ultimate trims, helping the machines charge 50 percent faster, down to 2.5 hours from fully drained.

Suspension, Handling

Those familiar with the XP 1000 will find no surprises in the suspension department. The XP Kinetic EV offers 14 inches of ground clearance and 10 inches of wheel travel, and the machine rides on 29-inch, eight-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain tires. This is a work machine with massive cargo and towing capacities, so don’t expect a pillowy ride. Still, for a dedicated utility unit, the Kinetic XP is plenty comfortable.

A side view of the 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic.

A side view of the 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic. (Polaris/)


The Ranger Kinetic gets hydraulic four-piston-caliper disc brakes at all four corners, which feature regenerative braking. Polaris went as far as to add regeneration on deceleration too, which helps maintain the battery and mimics engine-braking from a traditional internal combustion engine.

Ergonomics: Comfort and Utility

The bench seat accommodates three people, including the driver, and they’re comfortable enough for quick hops around the farm. The vertical seating position feels more school bus than pickup truck, but affords great visibility. We are disappointed to see the same frustrating mesh doors as found on 2021 models.

The XP Kinetic does offer some other cleverness though, including a 12-volt outlet in the cargo box, which is perfect for charging power tools while you’re riding.


Here’s where the electric Ranger shines. Buyers who opt for this machine over its internal combustion cousin will give up nothing in cargo or towing capacities. The Ranger XP Kinetic can tow up to 2,500 pounds and haul 1,250 pounds in its tilt bed. Impressive.


The Ranger XP Kinetic is available with the excellent 7-inch Ride Command system, but buyers can also opt for Ride Command+. Doing so will give you all manner of additional information, including mileage, battery status, and maintenance.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

The 2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic comes with a one-year factory warranty, a three-year electric powertrain warranty, and a five-year battery warranty.

Quiet operation makes the Ranger XP Kinetic an ideal helper around livestock.

Quiet operation makes the Ranger XP Kinetic an ideal helper around livestock. (Polaris/)

2023 Polaris Ranger XP Kinetic EV Specs

MSRP:$24,999 (Premium) / $29,999 (Ultimate)
Motor:Internal permanent magnet AC motor
Battery:Lithium-ion, 14.9 kWh (Premium) / 29.8 kWh (Ultimate) w/ battery heater; air/liquid-cooled
Bore x Stroke:NA
Compression Ratio:NA
Transmission:Gates synchronous belt w/ high/low range, reverse (electronic forward/reverse); shaft-driven
Claimed Horsepower:110 hp
Claimed Torque:140 lb.-ft.
Steering:Electric power steering
Drivetrain:AWD/2WD/VersaTrac turf mode
Front Suspension:Dual A-arms, 10.0 in. travel
Rear Suspension:Dual A-arms, IRS, 10.0 in. travel
Front Brakes:Hydraulic disc, 2-piston calipers, regenerative
Rear Brakes:Hydraulic disc, 2-piston calipers, regenerative
Wheels, Front/Rear:Aluminum; 14 in.
Tires, Front/Rear:8-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain; 29×9-14 29×11014
Length:120.0 in
Width:62.5 in
Height:78.0 in
Wheelbase:81.0 in
Bed Capacity:1,250 lb.
Towing Capacity:2,500 lb.
Max Seating Capacity:3
Ground Clearance:14.0 in.
Turning Radius:13.3 ft.
Claimed Dry Weight:1,730 lb. (Premium) / 1,980 lb. (Ultimate)
Fuel Capacity:NA
Warranty:1 year factory, 3-year electric powertrain, 5-year battery
Availability:Mid Summer 2022

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