2022 Yamaha R3 reveals more of its quirky R7-inspired face

The next generation Yamaha R3 has been spotted in the clearest images yet, which confirm it will be borrowing the bold new look from the forthcoming Yamaha R7 supersport.

These shots of the R3 come after the R125 – the smallest sportsbike in the Yamaha range slotting beneath the R3, R6 Race, R7 and R1 – was papped last month on test in Delhi’s streets by an eagle-eyed enthusiast, with wobbly camera-work suggesting if not confirming a front-end inspired by the R7.

These latest shots of the bigger R3 confirm it will also adopt the divisive single circular headlamp in an angular housing look that debuted on the MT-09 and then the R7 when it was revealed in June. 

Expected to be officially revealed ahead of Milan’s EICMA show in November alongside the R125 – known as the R15 for its slightly larger engine in Asia – GPOne is reporting Yamaha has tuned the engine to deliver more performance than its current 41.4bhp though it’s unlikely to rise much higher so as to remain A2 compliant.

We can also see inverted forks are present and correct to ensure the R3 remains faithful to the flagship R1 for an involving riding feel.

The latest R3 comes just as the long awaited replacement for the KTM RC390 was leaked last week, though its updates are mostly cosmetic with the same engine as its predecessor on offer.

With the R125 and R3 just around the corner, all eyes will be on a new R1 sportsbike, which is likely to be in development for a 2022 release date

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