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The 2022 Motor Bike Expo in Verona, Italy, wrapped up last weekend, January 20-23, 2022, with what looked like another successful event. We always look forward to attending the famed show in Italy because it’s chock-full of such creative and inspiring motorcycles with a passionate and diverse group of motorcycle enthusiasts to match. 

Folks from across the globe trek to Verona every year for the annual Motor Bike Expo event held at Veronafiere every year in a gargantuan campus comprising eight halls with plenty of diversity of two-wheeled entertainment for everyone’s viewing pleasure. 

“The expansive spaces of the fairgrounds proved to be a key resource: Veronafiere’s entry and security systems were a great ally in reducing disruption and achieving this important result,” says Francesco Agnoletto, CEO & co-founder of Motor Bike Expo.

Motor Bike Expo’s success provides hope that all which lived up to expectations on the eve of the event, with enthusiasm on the part of exhibitors and the public alike despite the considerable current difficulties.

The 2022 edition of MBE at Veronafiere ends with a sign of strong vitality, with 94 events on the program over the four days of the event and swaths of unveilings. There were also competitions, schools for new riders, and shows – the most popular being those put on by Catalan Toni Bou: thirty-time trial world champion.

Visitors got to see and experience firsthand the newest offerings from the 600 exhibitors present at the fair. The event was held on 120,000 square meters and divided between the five outdoor areas and the eight indoor pavilions which define the different sectors that represent the world of two wheels. 

“Once again, the meeting of economics and passion marks MBE’s strength,” said Paola Somma, Co-founder of Motor Bike Expo.

Halls one through three are where we spend most of our time because of the amount of custom motorcycles and new custom motorcycle parts on display. The pride of the 2022 edition in Hall 1 was the Custom District, a real “return to the origins of custom” which enticed the steady stream of custom enthusiasts. Excellent attendance in pavilions two and three filled with customizers, artists, craftsmen, bike shows and a dedicated marketplace. 

Enjoy the gallery of the 2022 Motor Bike Expo. Check out the bikes from our very first attendance from 2012 Motor Bike Expo HERE


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