2022 Africa Eco Race Rally Raid Postponed Until October 2022

The first month of 2022 is nearly done and dusted, and that last part goes double for rally raid fans. Although Dakar 2022 is over, there are still plenty of other events planned over the course of the year, including the Africa Eco Rally. It was originally planned for January, 2022, and then moved to March, 2022—but we’re here to tell you that plans have changed yet again. 

Don’t worry, the AER isn’t canceled. Although pandemic considerations are at the heart of this change, as of January 19, organizers say that the 2022 Africa Eco Race is now postponed until the latter half of October, 2022. Official rally dates, if they go as they’ve now been rescheduled, will run from October 15 through October 30, 2022. That means your event will be over in time to go collect your Halloween candy, if you celebrate. 

The reason for the rescheduling, according to organizers, is less to do with pandemic outbreak fears and more to do with wanting smooth logistics for all who participate. At the time of writing in late January, 2022, Morocco’s borders are currently closed. With no word on whether they would open again come February 1, as well as France’s announcement about compulsory vaccination requirements, getting all the puzzle pieces to fit in time for a March start just wasn’t feasible. 

If all goes according to the most up-to-date plan, October 14 and 15 will see all participants check in and depart from Monaco on the official boats. From October 18 through 30, the Africa Eco Race will see 12 stages of rally raid activity take place throughout Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal. After the 2022 AER has concluded, all vehicles will return to France during the first week of November. 

Registrations are still open if you’re thinking about participating, and now it seems like you have more time to get your personal logistics in order if that’s the case. We’ll include the link to the AER website in our Sources so you can check out all the details and make plans. 

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