10 Motorcycle Adverts to brighten your day

Care-free, open roads, raw power… we all have our reasons for purchasing a motorcycle but getting these tropes across into advertsements can seem, well, generic – or at least it would be if firms still felt there to be enough value in advertising on the television.

Unfortunately the art of selling motorcycles with a TV spot seems to be a thing of the past – seriously, when was the last time you saw a motorcycle advert between halves of Corrie? – but that hasn’t always been the case though and thankfully time has brought us some corkers that lurch from heartwarming to skirting the rules of what is permissable to proving that motorcycling is at the very least damn cool. 

So here are 10 Motorcycle Adverts to put a smile on your face…

BORN TO BE HARLEY – Harley-Davidson

A picture perfect Stepford house in suburbia, young parents with new baby, an impossibly tidy garage – this image set up is the stuff of schmaltzy US party political broadcasts or insurance adverts, so it’s perhaps no surprise a true icon of ‘Americana’ adopted this for its ‘Born to Be Harley’ ad.

Harley-Davidson tapped into this with a smart alternative use of its famously rumbling soundtrack, which is certainly brave. Not because they forewent the iconic vision of wide-open roads to frame the bike, but because of the carbon monoxide build up it’d create.

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